The company's site is an internet site comprising an online store of the brand products and services. the company is the only owner and operator of the site. In all time you can reach to our customer services by mail or by phone +972-58-5507838 the provisions of this regulations will apply to any use or action carried out by you on the site and will constitute the legal basis for any issue between you and the company.

The company reserves the right to change the regulations from time to time at its exclusive discretion and to do so without the requirement or giving any advance warning and/or notice.

All prices on the site include vat, but not include delivery fee. pictures and designs of the products appearing on site are solely for the purpose of illustration. it is agreed and declared that the company will try the best of its ability to present site users with accurate pictures and information to the extent possible.

The company doesn’t guarantee all products inventory on site is available for sale. the company may update product prices and delivery charges on the site from time to time, without being required to give prior notice.

Sales method

In order to place an order for products or services, you will be asked to fill up basic details, such as name, address, phone number, email address and credit card details. in order for the ordering to be caring out quickly, you should take care to provide the correct details, as otherwise, the company cannot guarantee that the order will be carried out.

After an action has been carried out, the credit card details will be verified by the company and the credit card companies. A confirmation of the purchase transaction has been completed, will be sent by email to the customer. confirmation of the implantation of the order and the company's undertaking to supply it, are conditioned on the product being in the company inventory, on the date of the requested supply and/or on the date of the order. it is clarified that if the product is not in stock and hasn’t removed from the site, by the placing the order, the company will not be obligated to sell the product and the customer will nor have no claim and/or demand in this regard to any damage, either direct or indirect which is caused to the customer and/or third party. in this case, the company duty is to refund to the customer any amount paid to the extent that is actually paid, to the company or to cancel the amount that owing to the extent implemented. the company reserve the right to deny access to sales and/or to cancel the participation, of surfers whose behaver is inappropriate or is contrary to the rules of participation or of anyone attempting to disrupt the order of the site.

Cancellation & Returns

Cancellation terms are according to the consumer protection law, 1981. in case of cancellation of the transaction/sale by the customer prior to the product dispatched, no charge will be made. in case of cancellation of the transaction/sale by the customer after the product dispatched, a full refund will be given, but shipping cost will be deducted. the refund will be given according to the cancellation & returns terms of the company. returning or replacing the product is subject to the product being intact and not having been made use of or having been personally adapted for the customer and always providing with that the labeling/ ticketing has not been removed from the product and that the product is in its original packaging in which was supplied. the company has the only discretion on the returning merchandise from the customer, and have to approve it according to the regulations. there is no option to refund a customer paid with a direct credit card. in this case, the customer will get a credit to use on site. items on sale – will be refundable until 7 days. a full refund will be given with deduction of 5 % from the products worth, or 100 shekalim (the lowest price between the two). the customer will have the option to get credit on site, without the deduction. shipping costs are non-refundable. if you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. return pickups from costumers address in case of return or exchange an item- a delivery fee will be charged according to the amount of our shipping policy fee.

Supply and Delivery

The company will ensure that every product purchased on site, is supplied to the address that registered at the time of making the purchase. the company will act to supply the products or services according to the delivery terms on the action page. the company will not be liable for any delay or hold-up in supplying that is caused by force majeure and/or events beyond the company's control, including strikes, closures, etc., and/or delivery company delay. the company reserve the right to update the shipping rates from time to time. the delivery fee will appear as part of the order process and will be charged immediately for the order placement. in case of payments, transaction shipping charge may be a part of your first payment. the deliveries are carried out by an external delivery company, which will coordinate delivery time prior the delivery of the order. the company undertakes to deliver the order up to 10 business day to most areas of the country. in case of distant areas, such as the arava, eilat, settlements beyond the green line, and settlements in the golan heights, the delivery times are up to 14 business day. if the shipping address located in areas which the delivery company doesn’t arrive to, the order will be sent by registered mail.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property right in the company, including copyrights, patents, products, organizational and commercial secrets, are the exclusive property of the company. inter alia, the company site graphic designs, the databases which contain products list and description, products designs, its internet address and every detail relating to its activities. no information from the site whatsoever must be copied, duplicate, distrusted, marketed or translated (including trademarks, photographs, and texts etc.) without obtaining the company's specific permission in writing. no commercial use must be made of the data which the company published, of the company's database, of the products lists appearing therein other details issued by the company, without obtaining the company's permission in write. the company approves the publication of data published on site, on another third party, provided that the source of information is protected and that it is clearly indicated that the photos were taken from the company's site. the company will be entitled to tell a user to remove any advert or information of which use is made a manner that the company's interests or propriety are harmed. the site is not to be presented in a format or with graphics interface that differs from the format designed for it by the company, without obtaining the privacy policy

Delivering personal details on the website indicates the consumer consent of those delivered to the company. the purpose of providing the personal details is to enable the company to supply products and/or services to the customer only. the site management will not make any use of the costumer's details, other than in accordance with the site privacy policy which constitutes an integral part of these conditions of usage and purchase. the company may submit the registrant details in one of the following cases: (1) will be required to do so by low. (2) in case of legal proceedings, claim or demand between the customer and the company. (3) in case of the company reorganized with another entity or in case of a merger, the company will be able to convey those details. (4) if the company have any suspicions in any act and/or omission that harms and/or are liable to harm the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or third parties by the registrant (5) if the company suspect there has any use for an illegal act and/or to facilitate and/or encourage such an act. (6) if the company have any suspicion that the registrant violated any of this regulation terms and/or agreement with the company and/or anyone on her behalf. (7) if required for the company activities such as marketing activities, the registrants shall have no claim and/or demand against the company for delivering their personal details and waive any claim and/or demand.

The registered approve that there is no legal obligation to deliver their personal details and this action is done by free will. this is the registrant consent to use their details and that use by the company is not considered an infringement of privacy and will not entitle them to any compensation whatsoever.

The site uses pci standard encystation code and the company will not be liable for damage of any kind whatsoever, direct or indirect, which is caused to the customer or anyone on his behalf, if such information is lost or comes to the attention of malign third party and/or if unauthorized use is made thereof. it is possible that when using the site and/or performing operations on site, your details will be recorded automatically. these are used by the company for streamlining management and marketing.

Some of the operation on site may require registration. the system will ask for identify details such as username and password. the company may ask for more identification details from time to time. please keep those details confidential to prevent the wrong use.